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Pragniemy zaprosić Państwa do zapoznania się z nasza szeroką ofertą. Odlewy żeliwne produkowane w naszej firmie znajdują zastosowanie w przemyśle maszynowym, budownictwie, przemyśle maszyn rolniczych.

About us

Odlewnia Zeliwa J. TERLECKI (J. TERLECKI Iron Foundry) is a family company established in 1981. Originally, it was a plant producing metal articles and the foundry of aluminium alloys. In 1987 we started the construction of iron foundry, which produced cast iron radiators for central heating as well as single and low-volume castings for local customers. Later we commenced also the production of sewerage access doors, for road and stormwater drainage. At first, forming was conducted on pneumatic moulding machines FKT65 and manually.

In connection with market demand for high-quality iron castings we decided to purchase an automatic moulding line DISA 2013, chamber dimensions: 480×600 mm. Next moulding line was purchased in 2009 — chamber dimensions 650×850 mm.

We produce castings of grey and nodular cast iron, with the weight from 0.4 kg to 35 kg, in the following grades: EN GJL 150, EN GJL 200, EN GJL 250, EN GJS 400.15, EN GJS 500.7, EN GJS 600.3.

The melting process is carried out in two cupolas, with the diameter of 700 mm, equipped with dedusting system, in two induction furnaces, crucible capacity 800 kg and in a furnace with the capacity of 3,000 kg.

The foundry employs 80 people.

We produce coreless and cored castings. Cores are made using HOT BOX and COLD BOX techniques.

Taking care of maintaining a high quality of our castings we perform the analysis of cast iron chemical composition on the spectrometer of Spectromaxx company, we monitor the hardness of castings on Brinell hardness testing machine, we subject the cast iron to tensile tests on testing machine and we examine the structure of cast iron using a metallographic microscope.

We own the following certificates:

•  IO-Cert – TUV Rheinland

•  PN-EN ISO 9001:2009

•  PN-EN ISO 14001:2005

The iron castings produced in our Company are applied in machine-building industry, construction industry, agriculture machinery industry, in small architecture, linear dewatering units and small fancy goods.

We are interested in cooperation in the scope of grey and nodular cast iron production. We will be pleased to reply to your inquiries.




Tel. + 48 34 317 17 00

Gruszewnia, ul. Kłobucka 63
42-125 Kamyk